Former prisoners tell the world, What I wish I knew then

“What I know now” radio program helps women upon release from prison

Thanks to some skilled professionals and a group of committed Seeds of Affinity Pathways for Women participants, a series of short radio programs, raising awareness about the issues women face when they are released from prison, is about to be launched.

Semaphore community radio, WOW FM 100.5MHz will broadcast the program at 3pm Friday 27 May, before being rebroadcast on University of South Australia’s internet radio station at 5pm on the same day.

Produced through a series of workshops with Dr Heather Anderson, Journalism Lecturer from the School for Communication, International Studies and Languages at the University of South Australia and Dr Charlotte Bedford, Visiting Researcher at the Department of Media, University of Adelaide, participants speak about the main issues faced by many women re-entering the community after a prison sentence as well as the services offered by Seeds of Affinity. 

“I know from a personal stand-point that when you’re released from prison, to actually believe that you’re worth anything, to believe that you can contribute anything to mainstream society, is very very difficult,” says participant Linda Fisk, a founding member of Seeds of Affinity.

Tune in to WOW FM 100.5Mz this Friday, 27 May at 3pm.

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Seeds of Affinity Pathways for Women is a non profit, grass roots, volunteer run community group that supports women to support each other upon their release from prison. Members make, pack and sell skincare products and gourmet foods, using the profits to fund further activities for women. We also run promotional events and catering for functions.

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