Our Committee

Seeds of Affinity members, including our patrons, board and volunteers, as well as participants and supporters are all part of a dedicated movement for basic human rights of criminalised women and their children.

The executive committee meets once a month to formally record and steer the activities of Seeds of Affinity. We are a rag tag mix of women and non-binary folks from many walks of life and we want it this way. We have women with lived experience, people from criminalised groups, unionists, community & support workers, lawyers and academics to name a few.

If you are interested in becoming a patron or board member, please contact us directly by clicking here.



Heather Stokes
Heather Stokes is well respected South Australian barrister and solicitor who is known for her work representing the women in Adelaide Women’s Prison.  Her legal career spans more than 30 years.  She lends a strong voice to rights of women in the criminal justice system.  She is also a passionate mentor of final year and graduate law students.

Our Board.

Once a month a core group of Seeds members meet to formally guide and record the activities of Seeds. Please contact us if you are interested joining the Seeds board.

Linda Fisk
Linda is a founding member of Seeds of Affinity and coordinates the bi-weekly sessions of the Seeds of Affinity group. She holds a Degree in Psychology at the University of South Australia and has recently attained a Diploma in Community Services through TAFE. Linda was the inaugural Chair of Seeds of Affinity.

Anna Kemp
Anna is a founding member of Seeds of Affinity and has worked with criminalised women for the last 38 years. Anna is a qualified psychologist and works for the Department of Corrections as a Community Corrections Officer. Anna’s work in establishing Seeds of Affinity has been widely recognised.   In 2012 she was placed on on the South Australian Womens’ Honour Roll and in 2013 recognised as one of South Australia’s Local Heroes in the Australia Day Awards.

Michele Jarldorn
Michele is currently employed as a Lecturer in Social Work at The University of South Australia. Michele’s research to date has focused on the experiences of women leaving prison, the connection between gendered violence and substance use and the experiences of women who are studying in the social sciences who are first in family to study at university. Michele’s PhD thesis, titled ‘Radically rethinking imprisonment: A Photovoice exploration of life in and after prison in South Australia’ was conferred in 2018. Michele was awarded the Flinders University Vice Chancellors Prize for Thesis Excellence. When Michele is not teaching, researching or writing, she is gardening and volunteering with Seeds of Affinity.

Bec Neill Treasurer
Quynh Nguyen Secretary
Fiona Woollard
Lisa Klingberg
Sandra Dann
Diane Harris
Karen Grogan
Holly Giblin

Past Board Members

Our deepest thanks go to past board members who have enabled Seeds to grow to where we are today.

Di Cooper
Pam Price
Andrea Duff
Lisa Kada
Halimah Valiyff
Helen Johnston
Cathy O’Loughlin