Public forum: Every mother and child

Every mother and child – improving the mother-child bond

On 6 April 2016 at 1pm we are hosting a public forum on the effect of prison on women and, in particular, their children.

The event will involve a panel discussion on the issues facing incarcerated women and especially their children including perspectives from criminalised women, advocates, government officials and lawyers.

We would love if you could join us to learn, share your perspective, and engage with other service providers to create an action plan on how to improve the psychological, spiritual and emotional well-being of criminalised women and their children.

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Published by seedsofaffinity

Seeds of Affinity Pathways for Women is a non profit, grass roots, volunteer run community group that supports women to support each other upon their release from prison. Members make, pack and sell skincare products and gourmet foods, using the profits to fund further activities for women. We also run promotional events and catering for functions.

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